The USS DISCOVERY is currently residing on the STARLINK IRC servers. The Discovery offers a unique place for those people interested in Star Trek, to gather and share ideas or to just find a friendly place to visit.

The crew database on this site will help you to get to know those who you meet while aboard the ship.
Have fun, and welcome aboard!

Links are provided below to all of the most popular IRC clients for accessing the DISCOVERY.

 Windows Clients

 Visit home of PIRCH

PIRCH98 is an easy to use GUI IRC client for Microsoft Windows 95/98

 Visit mIRC's home mIRC is another good IRC Client for use with Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98 Windows 3.1 version
Windows95/98 version

 Orbit IRC
OrbitIRC is a new IRC Client for Microsoft Windows. OrbitIRC v2.10

ViRC's homepage
ViRC is yet another (and slightly less used) IRC cient for Microsoft Window 95/98. Offers vast scripting options in various languages. ViRC '91 v1.0

 Unix/Linux Clients

IRCii - the original client for the *nix operating systems. Pretty hum-drum (text based) but its powerful. A good client for *nix users tho. ircii

BitchX is an irc client that spawned from ircii. It adds a nicer interface and some nice built in features. Definately worth downloading. BitchX