Name: Ford Prefect
Age: 23
Home Planet: Betelgeuse Seven,from one of the old Praxibetel communities.

Personal Details: V.I.P. Has a Carte Blanche to travel on Federation and klingon StarShips.Researcher for the ever so popular "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy".He's able to speak mutiple languages by using a BABEL-fish in his ear.
Sex: male
Occupation: Student (soon to be ex-Student if all goes well)
Home Base: Born,The Netherlands
Personal Details: Absolutely Love SciFi shows (mostly star trek) and movies Reading,playing games,chatting ,Judo,going out and of course Computers.
Music : All sorts of music from classic to alternative to house.
Education : Computer Programmer and Network Engineer

Name: Haderach
Rank: Chief Engineer

Simularities resemble "Scotty" from TOS
Formerly known as "Zen", tragically suffered a transporter
accident with a passing Spice Guild ship that was folding space.

Sex: Male
Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Home Base: Montreal, Canada

Name: Roadkill
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 128
Home Planet: Hearth

Altough I was hit by a space ship while hitchhiking, I managed to survive, I was lost in space for a while when I got rescued by the Uss Discovery. I've been there since, unable to leave all those great crew members, who became my friends after a few weeks.
Sex: male
Occupation: Money carrier
Home Base: Montreal, PQ, Canada

Name: Angel
Rank: Diaper duty officer
Age: 100 and 1/6 years old
Home planet : Hearth

Personnal info: On the very hot day of june 2nd 1997, My mommy, Babette, decided to beam me out of her tummy so I could have some fresh air. My daddy , Roadkill, had to drive us to the engineer because the pod wasn't working, it took them 7 hours to fix that thing. My mom was getting tired of waiting so she started pushing on something, 18 minutes later I finally came out.
Sex: Female
Occupation: crying, eating and slepping
Home base: Montreal, Qc, Canada

Name: Babette
Home Planet: Hearth
Personnal Info: When my Boyfriend
Roadkill had his little accident, he
called me from Uss_Discovery I soon requested to be beamed aboard, that's when I met the crew for the first time.Since I saw how friendly they where, I decided to stay with them, But then I didn't know what to do on board the ship, I heard that they needed a cook, so I took the job. But don't be fooled by my rank ,cause if anyone of you saw the movie Under siege, you will know what I mean...;-) just kidding.
Sex: Female
Occupation: assistant chief cashier
Home base:Montreal, Qc, Canada

Name: Zone
Rank: none
Duty Station: none
Home Planet: unknown
Age: unknown
Sex: female?

Zone is a chameloid. Ruthless and wild, she changes aspect constantly. Zone is Captain Spock's soul sister since the day they escaped together from Orion slave traders. Only the captain can understand and appreciate Zone's bizarre sense of humour. Beware, her tongue is as sharp as her sword. Never turn your back on her...
Patent Holder of: "
Do you believe in rats rights?™"

Name: Dave
Resident PIRCH consultant
Sex: male
Occupation: Student
Home Base: Largo, Florida, USA

Name: Lolly-Pop
Rank: Ensign
Duty Station: Bridge Orderly, and ships greeter
Personal Info:
5-ft 2-inches tall.
I'm a blond. Blue eyes. Good voice. Likes allot of sports!!!
Babysit's ALLOT!! Likes to read. Good at school.
Likes ART!!

Name: T'SiiR
Rank: Yeoman
Duty Station: Bridge Orderly
Age: 48
Home Planet: Vulcan
Personal Info:
T'SiiR is the bridge orderly and is responsible for catagorizing orders to and from their senior bridge officers. T'SiiR is the oldest daughter of Savak, and Discovery's Duty Officer, and therefore a member of the lineal Family House of Surek. Her mother is the Vulcan princess, T'Sing. Her decision to serve in Starfleet has stirred great controversy on Vulcan. This has caused a rift along her mother's family side as the females have always served in diplomatic or religious positions in Vulcan society.

Sex: Female
Occupation: student
Home Base: Midland, Texas

Loves soccer (both indoor and outdoor varieties) and plays club soccer for Midland Mirage Futbol Club. Also plays school volleyball, basketball, and soccer and attends the same school where her dad teaches and complains that the boys won't talk to her because they are afraid of Savak.