Name: C
Rank: Ensign
Duty Station: Propulsion control
Age: 19
Race: 1/4 betazoid 3/4 human
Reltative of the Ruling family of Danula II. Born and Raised on Hurkos III

Studied Evolutionary Propultion on Malcor III. Studied Theoritical Propultion with Dr. Leah Brahms at the Daystrom Institute of Technologies
Member of design team for the "Twin Bubble Propultion" project at Nelryis VII Research colony
My real name is Jeremy Clinton. I enjoy watching TV
(in particular Star Trek- obviously), building models, chatting and computer work in general, and sometimes cooking I also collect Star Trek novelty items. Oh, I live in a little town (population 280) In Northeast Arkansas called Strawberry.

Name: Ashara
Rank: Ambassador
Duty Station: Liason Officer
Age: 55
Home Planet: Bajor

Bajoran ambassador to Starfleet observing protocols of galaxy class starship for Bajor. Served earlier on Discovery observing operations and tactics ...... After being recalled to Bajor to co-ordinate efforts there to defeat the Dominion invasion, she has returned to Discovery to continue her duties there.
Sex: Female
Homebase: Lafayette, Indiana USA

Name: TombBabe (Akh'tar TombBabe)
Rank: Lieutenant
Duty Station: Head Nurse and parttime cook
Age: 27
Background: Akh'tar is 1/3 Klingon (with the vestigial forhead ridges), 1/3 Romulan, and 1/3 human. Her demenor swings through all three heritages but is not typical to any. One common thing is that she is a healer, but don't get her angry, because you won't like her when she is angry. She is also a decent cook (from what people tell her :P ). Akh'tar has traveled all over the universe and joined Starfleet to see more yet. Did some of her initial training on board the USS Enterprise D under Dr. Beverly Crusher and has since gone from ship to ship until her new assignment on the USS Discovery where she has found to really enjoy the crew.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Home Care Nurse (with no other life save the nursing and USS
Home Base: (at present) Akron, Ohio, USA
Interests: Lt. TombBabe likes reading, art, ceramics, weaving, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, chatting, nursing, music (pop, rock, classical, movie theme etc), comic book collecting (yes comics), computers, animals (would like to have a pet but has to limit self to two fish named cat and dog), traveling, movies, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, cooking (how could I forget), archeology, and much more...........(time is a problem though :) )

Rank- Ensign
Duty Station: Counsel, Medical
Home Planet: Betazed
Personal Info: Betazoid
Sex: Female
Occupation: Cosmetologist/Instructor
Home Base: For the last 6 years
St.Louis, Missouri

Name: Sybok
Rank: (To be announced)
Position: Not Assigned
Age: 33
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Home planet: Earth
Background: Stumbled into "our" universe from the dreaded alternate "MSN" universe. Brought with him news that a new tyrant named "Gate-s Keeper" is wrecking havoc in his universe!
Earth birthdate : 29/07/1966
Earth birthplace : Guerande, Bretagne (France)
Social status : ex married, now divorced
Marriage earthdate : 14/06/1992
Bio reproduction activity : 2 twin lifeforms generated in earthdate 19/06/1993
Occupation : musician
Vegetarian status : enabled.

Name: Sam
Rank: Ensign
Position: Engineer
Age: 22

Sam is gradually learning the in's and out of Engineering. With the help of a very patient Commander Doc, she is beginning to understand this thing we call technology. >;y

Personal info:
Sex: Female
Occupation: Manager of convenience store
Home Base: Powell, Alabama

Name: tr'Sint
Rank: Erein (Ensign equivalent)
Duty Station: Official Romulan Ambassador
Age: 125 (Hey, I'm in my prime!)
Race: Rihanha (Yeah, yeah, Romulan)

tr'Sint, of the House of S'Talon, was born on Romulus and stayed there until he entered the Tal'Shiar, serving as the Political Officer on the RES T'Liss. He was on shore leave when the destruction of the RES T'Liss happened (Apparently caused by a fruitcake (I'll DCC the story to ya if you want it (-; )), shortly after, tr'Sint was commissioned as a Rihannsu Ambassador to the Federation, graciously invited on board by the USS Discovery.
<< Klingons beware! >>

Sex: Male
Occupation: Hospital person!
Home Base: Midwest, USA

I was born on a nice rainy April day in New York City, and lived there until I was nine. Once I hit nine, I was thrown into some small Midwestern town, and have been there for the past eight years. Interests? I'm not very interesting, but if you want to know.. I like Star Trek, especially the Romulans (-;[, role playing games in general, and hospitals. I'm one of those hospital people that run around all day wheeling patients, transporting papers, and doing whatever the nurses want. It's a nice job (-: