Name: Chief
Rank: Lieutenant
Security Officer
Age: 36
Home Planet: The Klingon Home World

Lieutenant Chief transferred to Starfleet after being banished from the Klingon home world. The reason for this banishment is still classified by Starfleet Command. Chief is very honor bound and his loyalty to the ship and her captain is very obvious. Like most Klingons, Chief, at time can be ill tempered. Klingons in general are not known for their social tendencies, and Chief is no exception to this rule, however, when brought to his attention this can change. Chiefs one weakness is that he is very fond of Romulan ale and Klingon Blood wine. All other information is considered classified
and sealed for unknown reasons.
Sex: Male
Occupation: Fire Chief
Home Base: Washington State USA

Name: Advil Starr
Rank: Lieutenant
Duty Station: Helmsman aka Helmswoman Extraordinare and Acting Ship's Counselor during Datamom's Leave of Absence
Age: 22
Race: Terran/Bajoran mutt- Refers to herself as Bajoran
Home Planet: Earth/Bajor
Sex: Female
Birthdate: April 28, 1979
Occupation: Student and internet junkie
Homebase: Austin, Texas, USA (going to college now! Woohoo!)
Interests: Sci-Fi, Computers, British TV/Humour, Rollerblading, and amusing the crew with her zaniness
Patent holder of:
Personal Smiley: &:-P

Name: Riker
Rank: Lieutenant
Duty Station: Acting Transporter Chief
Age: 17
Race: Terran (fancy name for a human)

Name: Rabbit
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 18
Home Planet: Argosa 3
Post: Stellar Cartographer/ Meteorologist

A weapons specialist for the resistance on Argosa 3. Was rescued by the Uss Discovery after the Narfarian Empire crushed the remainder of the resistance. Has been serving on the Discovery for 7 years.
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student and entrepenure attempting to get a graphics design and webpage consulting business started.
Home Base :Myrtle Beach, SC

First Officer's Log: It is with a profound sense of loss that I announce the untimely death of Jake... long-time companion of Rabbit. Let the record show that he served his ship with honor and dignity.

Real Name: Commander Nu'Gara
Age: 35
Location: Boarder Patrol Cardassian Sector
Occupation: 1st Officer Bird of Prey Del'Grothnak
Federation Assignment: Tactical Simulations Officer
About Me: I am Nu'Gara son of Dra'Groth of the House of Ma'Roth. We are now a Minor house after our battles with the Cardassians & Dominion. Our Ancient Lineage dates back to the time of Kah’les. At one time GowRons cousin was my bride, but after a Mating Ritual Kayla became my bride. I have since divorced her as well and am not currently looking for another mate, but will leave the field open for suitors. I have won many a battle and have earned the respect and honor that one deserves. Even after my divorces, my house is now considered as a Major house once again. Per Gowron I still hold my seat on the High Counsel. I am still recalled to Kronos on occasion for internal matters, but I leave my 2nd Kah’les in charge with full authority and the new fleet.
sex: male
occupation: senior technical claims examiner Prudential, Own and run an at Home Business includes Web page design, graphic design and other related topics.
Homebase: Rotterdam, NY [just outside Albany]
Personal Details: Annoying Kah’les on a daily basis at work. Anything Sci-Fi Star Trek, B5 the works. Web page and computer graphic designs. TaeKwonDo the Korean art of self-defense, (martial arts helps to keep the mind well and the urge to kill someone at work suppressed) enjoy fighting and board breaking. In summer floating and burping while drinking beer in pool. I also enjoy restoring my 1970 GTO and playing with my daughter.

Name: Nerys
Duty Station: Hostess of Opaka, lounge of USS Discovery
Race: Bajoran

Formerly first officer of the Federation maintained Outpost Deep Space Nine. (Rumors of her dismissal center around an innocent {yet humorous} comment suggesting Sisko being the 24th century's spokesperson for the Mr.Shine Products).

After consulting with her friend Guinan and (ahem) acquaintance Quark, she realized her newly founded sense of "sassiness" would make her ideal for the hostess aboard Discovery. She has been welcomed and accepted by all crew members.

While still being strong in her Bajoran faith, she consulted with the senior officers and named the lounge in honor of Kai Opaka - Bajor's greatest spirtual and political leader. (a moment of silence.. please.. )

Terran female. Her birth name is Belinda Draeger, but aliases
include: Nerys, Kira, and Sassy Princess.

Currently residing in Memphis, Tennesee, Belinda enjoys many subjects. Her favorites include: Science Fiction, archaeology (mainly egyptology), astronomy, creative writing and of course... the pursuit of sassiness! There are only two things that she doesnt like and tolerate, those are country music and rudeness. She treats everyone the way she herself would like to be treated and that is with kindness and utter respect.