Name: MrSpock
Rank: Captain
Commanding Officer
Age: 130
Home Planet: Vulcan

Surpassed all others by becoming the youngest person in the history of Starfleet to achieve the rank of Captain.

Sex: Female
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Home Base: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Married (IRL) to Commander Doc. (See index)

Name: Doc
Rank: Commander
First Officer
Age: 30
Home Planet: Earth
Backgrown: Trained as an engineer, then enrolled in Starfleet Academy, to obtain Command training. Graduated top in his class despite his best efforts not to. Prime examples of his... "efforts" can be witnessed on these pages!

Sex: Male
Occupation: Self employed as a carpenter/"whatever pays the most"
Home Base: Montreal, QC
Interests: All things Sci-Fi, not just StarTrek, but Star Wars,
Babylon 5, etc.. Enjoys scale modeling, 3D imagery, digital audio. etc. etc.
Is quite obsessed with this web page as you can tell.


Name: Isop (aka "Ghost")
Rank: Commander
Science Officer
Age: 130
Home Planet: Vulcan
Backgrown: Before joining crew of USS Discovery,
spent 5 years on Marsbase 1 terraforming
Sex: Male
Occupation: Cranberry Producer
Home Base: Coosbay, Oregon, USA

Name: Junebug
Rank: Commander
Communications officer. Ranked first at Starfleet Academy in typing.

Sex: female
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Home Base: Dallas, Texas, USA

Personnal Info: Likes Star Trek, of course. I also enjoy cooking. My spouse and I collect ST and other action figures. We enjoy spending time in the USS Discovery. Hailing frequencies open.

Name: BuzzL
Rank: Commander
Duty Station: Senior Helm/Weapons
Age: 69
Home Planet: Earth

Personal Info:
1/3 Vulcan, 1/3 Klingon and 1/3 Irish.
Graduated with Honors at Starfleet academy. Excellent
command potential, however recieved several repremiands for his Jocular behavior.

Buzzl is the father of junior officer Ryan.

Sex: Male
Occupation: Network Administrator
Home Base: Rome, Ohio, USA

Interests: Writing, reading, Musical instruments,
mechanics, ANYTHING computer related, current
events, Nude volleyball........
and of COURSE Star Trek......


Name: Savak
Rank: Ambassador
Duty Station: Duty Officer
Age: 156
Home Planet: Vulcan, House of Surak

Savak is a representative of the Vulcan Council and serves on the Discovery from detached duty as the presiding officer of the Vulcan Science Vessel, T'Pau (VSV-1197) A member of the lineal Family House of Surek, He is mated with a Vulcan princess T'Sing and they have two offspring daughters. T'Siir (who serves on Discovery as a yeoman and bridge orderly) and T'Sil.
Exclusive Patent holder to all refernces to
LIRAK roots.....the scourge of the Galaxy.

Sex: Male
Occupation: Educator
Home Base: Midland, Texas, USA

Has been a "trekkie" since series incept-date and an avid fan of the Vulcan characters appearing in all ST presentations. Continues to find the Star Trek phenomenon "fascinating"

Also enjoys such Terran pursuits as ..... golf, snow skiing, camping, and ST conventions.

Name: Datamom
Rank: Lieutenant-commander
Ship's Counsellor and mommy to us all

Home Base: Pinellas Park, Florida
Occupation: Home School Mom.


(First Officer's note: Although removed from active duty, Datamom, and her children remain listed here as testament to their service to the ship and crew)

Name: Q
Rank: Lieutenant
Duty Station: Navigator
Background: An outcast from the Q continuum, Q managed to bribe the continuum into sending him to a Starfleet vessel to expand his knowledge of other races of the Federation, and to polish his navigating skills.

Q however, had other plans. He found and married a human female, and they now have a son!

Name: Jeff Johnson
Hobbies: Mostly, I LOVE to watch Star Trek. Secondly, I enjoy computing in general. Things such as IRC chatting (on USS Discovery of course) and repairing computers.

Name: redrover
Rank: ambassador-at-large
Position: Interstellar Liaison Officer.
Age: 24
Home Planet: Romulus Prime

Exiled from the Romulan home-world at the age of 13, redrover has lived on his own until he was able to join StarFleet. His un-romulan like spirit brought him respect as the first ever romulan in StarFleet. He has mastered the arts of combat, navigation and Diplomacy. Presently serving on the Discovery as an ambassador, while watching over his own
ship the USS. Quest which is being rebuilt in space-dock and is very nearly complete.
Exclusive patent holder to all references to crickets....ala "
redrover hears crickets ™"

Sex: insufficient
Occupation: Bum ..ala student
Home Base: Montréal, Québec, Canada, Sol-2, Sol, Alpha Quadrant.

Interests: Most anything sci-fi namely Star Trek, Red Dwarf, BattleStar Galactica, reading and collecting Sandman comics, anything Transformers, and of course chatting with the crew.

Name: Bashir
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 34
Home Planet: Earth LaBarre, France

Genetically Altered at age four. Enjoys Darts. I was assigned to DS9 until am accident which caused the Promenade to explode killing some and I injured Quark. I am currently assigned to the USS DISCOVERY where I am called upon in need of a medical emergency.

Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Home Base : Springfield Illinois

Name: Kayless
Full Name: Kayless d'k-tai-Moloth
Rank: Lt Commander
Origin: Boreth
Duty Station: flight control officer .... in charge of incomming/outgoing shuttles, dockings, etc.
Home Planet :Qu'nos
Personal Info: A direct descendant of Moloth, one of the oldest and most established houses on Klinzi. Kayless was born during a house pilgramage to Boreth. No one member of the house had a vision of Kehless till Kayless was born and brought to the sacred fire. A graduate of the Klingon Warrior
Academy and Nu_Gara's second in the Imperial Klingon Defense Force, she is on loan to the Federation serving on the USS_Discovery (and grossly underutilized in flight systems).
Owner of the trademarked phrase:
The Feklar made me do it!
Sex: Female
Occupation: Works for an insurance company and despite the occasional "blonde moment", has no life.