Spock & Doc
at the Star Trek Experience

Engaege transporter off-site

Commander Doc shown here just debarking a shuttlecraft at DS9.
Commander Doc, weary from his long trip, stops by the replimat for a raktijino.
Doc scans the raktijino and finds little in the way of alcoholic content.
In an amazing stroke of good timing, Captain Spock discovers an illegal shipment of Romulan Ale hidden in the cargo hold of a Ferengi freighter.
Doc is all-too ready to offer his services to verify the authenticity of the newly discovered load of Ale.
Word quickly spreads around the station, and soon Captain Spock is approached by an old, drunken, Klingon warrior who wishes to procure the shipment by any means necessary.
An associate of Quark's tries to negotiate with the Captain for the release of the captured cargo.
In a panic, fearing that Spock will indeed turn the Ale over to the authorities, Doc enlists the help of a passing warrior to plan a hijacking.