Junebug/Evil Computer

Junebug shown here with an aging Mr.Spock. The time on Romulus must have been hard on him, however it looks like he took the time to have the damaged caused by the rice-picker accident fixed.

    Shown here is the mastermind behind the dreaded Evil Computer trying to get inside information concerning Starfleet security protocol from none other than Odo. Odo seems to have been practicing, for on this day he seems to have gotten the hang of shape-shifting into a human form.
  Commander Junebug on shore leave, mysteriously runs into Q. In a blatant show of arrogance, he was signing AUTOGRAPHS! Q's self-righteousness knows no end. None-the-less, Junebug appears quite happy to have met him.
  Evil and Junebug shown here with a human who bears a striking resemblance to Quark from DS9....poor guy.
  Not realizing when enough's enough, Captain Sulu is seen here with Evil trying to promote one more feature film starring him: Star Trek 20: Beating a Dead Horse.
  Evil and Junebug pose with Major Kira Nerys.
  Commander Junebug shown here entering DS9 for some long over-due vacation time.
  The vacation was short lived however, as she was soon confronted by a nasty looking Klingon, and a Ferengi with small lobes!
  Seen here is an odd collection of trinkets found in a small shop on the promenade. Is that Gul Dukat's head?